When you’re preparing to choose the perfect home, you will eventually have to make various important decisions. Whether you want to live in a cozy old home or like the modern twist of a new build home , in the end it all comes down to taste and personal choice.

There are both pros and cons for each type of house, so if you’re indecisive or have no idea where to start from, we hope this post will help guide you in the right direction and make it easier for you to choose your dream home.


  • Overall Space
  • Thick Walls
  • Big Rooms
  • Big Yard
  • Good parking space
  • Safety


  • Poor heating
  • Worn out features
  • Needs renovations
  • Expensive Maintenance

Back in the day, houses were built with big spaces and had walls thick enough to last for decades. It’s undeniable that old type houses were built to last , and being surrounded by a big open land gives you space to your heart’s content. However, this longevity of old homes can mean its features get worn out, and you might have issues with damp, leaks or similar things. Renovations are often a must and keeping it maintained requires a decent amount of money. So you need to take everything into consideration.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Personalize
  • New heating system
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • First Ownership


  • Low uniqueness
  • Thin walls
  • Expensive living
  • Building delays

New builds are very well insulated with cavity wall foam and double-glazing so you won’t have any problem when it comes to heating and other utilities, making it very efficient. A new build home comes with free space you can decorate and fill up to your heart’s desire, from furniture to electronics to design elements. Being the first and (maybe) only owner means that your living space will be tailored to your preferences. New builds also come with a 10 year warranty so it gives a sense of safety. However, with new builds the walls are often thin because they’re made of plasterboard, and the fast pace they’re built in makes it harder for them to have any unique features like old houses often do. If you’re waiting for your house to be built, you could experience some delays as well, so be prepared for that.

Tips for buying Old and New houses:

If it’s an old build house, we suggest you hire a surveyor and get a house survey. They can make you aware of defects or damage that you’ve missed before fully committing to the purchase. It’s also advised you have extra savings for refurbishing , since in most cases they will be needed.

For a new build, you should show interest in the development because the earlier you do the more chance you have of successfully negotiating on the price of your new property.

We wish you good luck on your new purchase!