When you move into a new place, home safety checks are vitally important, yet many homeowners fail to give their new property the once over when they first move in. While the likelihood of coming across something out of place is extremely low, not finding out soon enough can be extremely costly – both financially and emotionally. Home safety checks can literally save lives, and they’ll only take you a couple of minutes to complete when you first move in.

1. Check your detectors

All homes should have both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in place these days, but you’d be surprised by how many of these are actually worthless due to lack of maintenance. Most fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will have a test button that’ll let you know whether or not the battery is good, so give each a press to make sure.

2. Check your front door

It could save you money and even help prevent burglars gaining easy access to your home. Many people do not realise that front doors are built differently to those which you find inside the home, so they often fit them to the exterior by mistake. Others may fit them simply to save money. Exterior doors are far sturdier and will help keep the heat  inside your home. If you suspect that you front door isn’t what it should be, make changing it a priority.

3. Look at your locks

Another priority should be changing your locks. There’s no easier way to gain entry to a property than to have the keys and, let’s face it, there’s no way of knowing who has a set when you take over a new property. Previous owners may have given a spare to any number of people, so it’s well worth the expense of getting your locks changed as soon as possible.

4. Examine your pipework

Another thing that could save you a lot of trouble is to take a look at any exposed pipework you may find in and around your home. Look out for red flags such as corrosion, rust stains, and any other signs of leakage. If you spot something you don’t like, call a plumber and have them run an inspection. Be sure to locate your stopcock too. Make sure it isn’t seized or jammed ,you don’t want to find that out when you’re desperate to shut off your water supply.

5. Check out your windows

Windows are a very important thing to check when you move in, especially if they’re on the ground floor. Make sure they open and close properly and that they’re securable when shut. Look out for any signs of damage, both inside and out. Windows are a common access point for burglars, so make sure all of your latches work correctly and that your windows sit properly in their frames.

After completing each step your house will be secure and you will definitely have one less thing to worry about!